A geographical genetics. A passion handed down from generation to generation, which looks at the territory, speaks to the gestures, feeds creativity: this is the Coral for our company, a mysterious flower which from the bottom of the sea, finally blossoms in the jewels produced by this family, since 1894.

The Liverino factory strongly believes in originality and quality at all costs, and  for this reason its products are synonymous of excellence in jewelry  art and culture.

With an inexhaustible creativity in making jewelry and works of art in coral, gemstones and lava stone, the Liverinos have built a steady company that, through five generations of passionate coral artisans, has become one of the leading brands in the jewelry industry, both for the Italian and foreign markets.

The careful and skillful artisans’ hands of, traditionally trained and helped by the modern technology,  give  Liverino production an aura of timeless exceptionality. Each creation conceals a spark of eternity.