Our origins

The Coral is almost a family member for the Liverinos. Their relation with the Coral started five generations ago, with Basilio Liverino. In 1894 the founder bought his first "Corallina"  , setting the stage for his future role as coral diver-master in Torre del Greco (Naples). Torre del Greco owes to the coral its wealth and fame in the world, and certainly, the Liverinos has given an important contribution to this myth. For the ancient Greeks, the Coral was born from Medusa’s petrified blood, but it became the main material for goldsmiths, thanks to the passion of  the inhabitants of Torre del Greco, so called “corallini”.

Generation after generation, Liverinos activity widens its horizons with the manufacturing of cameos and Asian coral, imported from Japan. Thus the exports to Switzerland and Germany started, without forgetting the important collaborations with famous jewellers such as Bulgari. Business, production and markets expansion, bring Liverino to gain considerable prestige, definitively consolidated with the acquisition of  “Raffaele Costa & Co.” warehouse, one of the most important companies in Genoa, active until the twenties. The Raffaele Costa proves to be a very good investment. This Genoese company, in fact, has a huge stocks of raw material, mainly coming from the famous deposits of Sciacca, discovered in 1880 off the coast of Sicily, well known to the coral diver-master Basilio Liverino.

The Liverino family distinguished not only for the economic achievements, for the high quality of its products but also for a series of cultural initiatives such as the publication of several scientific books,  concering the coral and the creation of a museum in honor of Red Gold.

As for the institutional roles, Enzo Liverino, great expert of corals, is still a consultant for the FAO about the sustainability issues for coral fishing. He is a member of the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) as President of the Coral Commission. He adheres to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), the only organization that works with the collaboration of the United Nations (UN). However, the passion with which he defends the natural environment of the coral and argues his positions have never diverted from the top quality coral processing.

From the tradition of the Liverinos, "Enzo Liverino Ltd." Started. It is run by Vincenzo and his sons Basilio and Andrea, who keep on producing and selling artistic works of fine jewelry al lover the world with the same love and the same successes, but with a new challenge: to lead the old and immortal passion for the coral manufacturing to the new millennium. In order to reach this milestone Store Liverino was born, an elegant, prestigious and constantly evolving reality, devoted to beauty lovers.