The Company

The LIVERINO factory, was established by Basilio Liverino in 1894, and  today it is led by Enzo Liverino and his two sons, Andrea and Basilio. In over than a century they have always fused together innovation and tradition, having as a mission to bring the “red gold” to those ones are able to appreciate its value. The home factory turns the raw coral into refined  finished or semi-finished craftworks, ready to arrive in the expert hands of the greatest jewelery brands. The Liverino factory produces buttons, coral strings, brooches and charms, that are proudly shown in the most important collections by Bulgari, Gucci, Pomellato, Bottega Veneta and so on. Each single item made by Liverino, finished or semi-finished, is a unique one, thanks to skillful artisans. They, from generation to generation, have devoted  themselves to the work of the most precious coral with an immutable passion. It is the coral itself which costantly and profoundly inspires theese artists.