The Store

Over the years, the Factory has paid more and more attention to the creation of finished products both for jewelery and for  sculpture, so giving life to the STORE LIVERINO.  

On the Vesuvius slopes, in the capital of  coral, Torre del Greco, an elegant place stands, where all  the the Liverino’s creations are shown. The Store Liverino is a refined place where it is possible to appreciate and discover all the shapes and shades of the coral.  

Once in the Store Liverino, the guests will have the chance to admire the original and bright creations made in many different varieties of coral, from the traditional strings to the most elaborated parures. Moreover, the Liverinos produce any kind of sculptures, including marvellous cribs, crafted with uncoparable skill.  

Thanks to STORE LIVERINO, new and fruitful collaborations in  many different areas have come to life, beyond the traditional  coral manufacture. Recently,the LIVERINO factory has also started interesting synergies in the fashion industry, creating  fantastic shoes with magnificent true corals. As the factory leaves nothing apart, even home design,also precious floors made of coral have been created.

The Store Liverino is also the place to set your imagination free: every customer can design his/her own jewel. The Liverinos realizes  any request, joining together creativity and quality.  

In the Liverino Store, everibody  finds whatever  he is looking for .